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#Review: Kquesol Featuring Lizwi – Bayede



Kquesol is one man that holds many accolades working with some of the greats in house music both locally and internationally. Kquesol has worked with the likes of  Vinny Da Vinci, Christos, Fistaz Mixwell, Atjazz, and Lulo Café just to name a few so that you can have a clue of what kind of artist that he is.

Having worked with such a variety of artists has helped Kquesol hone in on the style of music he chooses to produce. Predominantly a soulful house deep who has given us a personal favorite African Lesson. Kquesol has switched it up in his latest offering Bayede featuring Lizwi. Having shied away from the music scene for a while now we are happy to have received a new joint, but we are a bit surprised by the sound that has been presented to us. Here is what we think of his new joint.

Kquesol feat. Lizwi – Bayede

When one hears that Kquesol is dropping and a new joint we immediately readjust our Sunday chillas playlist to include whatever soulful jam that he will be releasing. This time around that is not the case, caught off guard we had to recheck the names on the song to make sure we were still listening to the same artist.

‘Bayede’ translate from IsiZulu as “Hail the Kind” and like the title, the song is deeply rooted in Tribal House. Taking cues from the likes of Point 5, and Culeo de song the track boasts in flavorful Afrocentric vibes. Although the song falls under Afro House and it still trackback to a soulful jam.

Take a listen to the song and leave a comment below letting us know what you think of the track.

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