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REVIEW: “Spirit” Video Blows Us Away!

‘Spirit’ is Kwesta’s hit single featuring Nigerian-American Rap superstar Wale, who collaborated with Kwesta after his visit to the Land of the Free. Inevitably, this song became a hit locally and in some parts of the diaspora, the official audio on YouTube clocked 1 million views a few months of it being published, this was a sign that this song is going to be one of Kwesta’s many hits.

The video was shot while Kwesta brought out Wale to Mzansi for his ‘Spirit Goes Platinum’ celebration concert. The video opens with a low angle shot of Kwesta walking away from the camera, showing his Scara Ngobese T-Shirt, with his famous number 11. This is symbolic because Ngobese is a Katlehong football legend who played for Chiefs and was one of the very view to put the hood on the map. This is obviously where Kwesta is from and where the video is set. The video features a lot of isolated and static shots that are worthy of a screenshot. The imagery is nothing short of amazing, it carries heavy religious symbolism, showing the Christian African Church denominations that are now embedded in the South African culture, it also shows shots of things and activities that are truly South African like spinning cars, children playing in the water and chicken slaughtering.

There are standout shots from the video, a shot of a man on fire (literally) drinking beer, a preacher carrying a cross walking towards the horizon and a cameo from Jidenna. Ultimately, the video is a collage of South African/African culture and it definitely paints an accurate picture of the hood life across the country. It goes without saying that this is Kwesta’s best video by far, directed by local photographer and filmmaker Tebza. We are loving what they have created so far and we are excited to see what they have in store for us in the future, visually. Let us know what you think of this video because we are absolutely loving this one.


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