REVIEW: Zoocci Coke Dope- Morning Star
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He is hands down the most surprising and talented breathe of fresh air that has hit the industry! Yep, we are talking multi-talented rapper, producer and all round artist, Zoocci Coke Dope. The rapper has dropped his much anticipated EP, titled Morning Star. 

Born Andile Sibabalwe, Zoocci Coke Dope is by far the most sought after artist to feature, well at least in my circles. Think of tracks like Just To Flex, Flavours and I Don’t Know just to put things into perspective.  The artist has came up with the most dopest and catchiest hooks in SA hip hop thus far and the great part is that he works with who we consider to be the new wave of the SA hip hop industry. 

Morning Star is a 9 track EP which features an array of artists with some including Ginger Trill, Stogie T and A-Reece to name a few. The difference that these guys bring to the tracks they are featured on is massive. Just from a first listen, Morning Star is well put together piece of music from how Zoocci produced the music to how he structured the tracks to tell his story. 

Zoocci lets us into his private space and we get top know him way beyond the hooks and songs he features on. The title track Morning Star is a perfect embodiment of what the game is missing right now. Not because it is pure and unfiltered hip hop, because its not, but because he is telling his story and with that there is a sense of relation he creates with the listener. 

He explores other themes in his music with some being exploited for being “Mr nice guy” in Mr Nice Guy and now he is coming for all those people who owe him and take advantage of him. Kinda like he is coming for all the favours that he gave for mahala and now he is about his hustle and getting his money. Kid X murks his verse here! We miss this man! On Nobody he raps about how he had to work hard to be in the position that he is and literally nobody did him any favours. He also touches on themes like love and how his “heart is frozen” in Stamina but also how there is no love for no real n*gga in No Love. For Real shows off his sensitive side. 

Zoocci also shows us that he can get just as intellectual and in touch with his reasoning when he raps about his struggle in I Knew featuring Stogie T. He also raps about how proud he is of the ground work that he has put in to get to where he is right now. Damn, Stogie is a beast on this; reminds me of his T from V days. Man! All Night Long and Too Late are one for the culture. 

There is something fresh about how Zoocci approaches the music he makes; it’s not quite trap but it is something that only he can do. Morning Star is a complete project and he should be mad proud of the work that he has put in. 

Listen to the EP below! 

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