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RJ Benjamin is back



The South African white boy with soul is back with a full length album after almost five years, titled “inside” RJ Benjamin is proud to release his latest offering to the music industry this month. He has not been without controversy over the years, becoming despondent with the music industry and even taking a break from recording and performing for a while. In 2009 he recorded the smash hit “change the world” which rocked dance floors all over South Africa, he has also been instrumental in teaching singers such as Lira and Toya Delazy. In this album “Inside” RJ has remixed house tracks featured on his previous album “house bound” as well as popular house songs he featured on with Dr Duda, DJ Kent and DJ Fresh. “I’ve taken 13 house tracks I’ve sung on over the past four to five years and re-interpreted them in, well, any which way I felt like taking them” he said.

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