Robin Thirdfloor drops Ayashisa Amateku
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Robin Thirdfloor is back with a new single – Ayashisa Amateku.

Just when we were getting to absorb the rapper’s offering with Mark Akol, Isomiso, that dropped in November 2018, Durban based rapper Robin Thirdfloor is back with a new single.

This time it’s produced by Sebastxn, a South African producer now based in Canada. The single is titled Ayashisa Amateku (direct English translation: The sneakers are fire) and is taken off the rapper’s upcoming mixtape, ZITHANDE, that is dropping February 2019.

At first listen you’d think the song is just about sneakers, which it is. But Robin also gets to share a bit about himself and mentioning the work he has put into his career and the fruits in which he is now reaping, despite heavy criticism for carving his own lane.

This is Robin’s first release under his own label Bhotela Republic and we are excited to hear more from the rapper.

The track officially drops on 11 January 2019.

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