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Rouge Speaks On The Dololo Remix, The New Album & AKA Feature



Rouge is hands down one of the most talented artists of our time. The multi-award winning rapper and presenter has proven herself multi-dimensional and each stride she makes in her career is worth celebrating. We recently caught up with her just to touch base with what she’s been up to.

She spoke about how blessed she has been on her journey as a presenter on The Remix SA. And by the looks of things, she is doing pretty well. She also touched on the reason she opened up the Dololo remix for up and coming talent.

“I’m an independent artist and I know how hard it is to get that opportunity to be seen and recognized if you do not have a face. And I here was an opportunity whereby I could literally give people an opportunity to rap and sing and do whatever you want to uplift this song.”

She stressed that she is committing herself to pushing this song as much as she can and putting her best foot forward on the remix verses.


The new album is set to drop in October 

She also touched on her upcoming album, which is the follow up to the massively successful debut project, New Era Sessions.

“The idea is to drop it in October; it’s just that there’s so many songs that I still need to do. I’ve got to finish my AKA song coz boy been waiting for my track and everyone is asking me for my AKA feature”.

She further stresses that she wants to make sure that her sophomore album is the best project that she has ever made. There should not be any comparison to New Era Sessions and that will already be a tough act to follow.

Plus knowing how strong she came into the game, maintaining that strength and authenticity is a huge deal.  “There needs to be growth and that’s what they are going to asee with this new project coming out,” she explains.

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WATCH: HHP On His latest EP & Finding A Balance With His Music



HHP dropped his aptly named EP, Feels Good To Be Back about 2 weeks ago and the result was what we imagine has been missing in music for a young minute. The veteran rapper is working on his 10th studio album which is set to drop next year so in the mean time, he teased us with his 5 track EP.

The 5 tracks on the EP are all different sounds and feels that place HHP in a position where we have never heard him before. He describes it as an “experimental” side of himself and this is most def audible from the first track.

Almost the entire EP features up and coming producer, Hugo flash who did a splendid job in the sound and quality of the beats.

We sat down with him and he explained the concept behind the EP as well as how the project came about. He also spoke a little about how he met Hugo Flash who produced almost the entire EP.

“For me, the EP was a journey of like the different sonic sounds that we’ve been experiencing in South Africa from the time I started in 2009 as hip Hop Pantsula… I wanted to kind of like find a middle ground for the older generation Hip Hop lover to the new age as well.”

He continues:

“I wanted to kinda show people that music isn’t so much about trend but just about relevance. You can always just find your way in anywhere. Because music is just different shades of colour and depending on how you put it together, that’s how you get your beautiful piece.”

Check out the rest of the interview!


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