SA Rapper Makes Billboard Top 12 For “This Is America” Remix
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When Childish Gambino dropped the powerful This Is America video back in early May the song immediately racked up way more Youtube worldwide reviews than any of his other tracks. This created a global trend where other artist around the world created remixes of the song.

South African Rapper Jovislash was amongst musicians who delivered thought provoking and well executed remixes. The response to the video was positive and it is currently sitting on over 267 000 views. Some of the comments were positive and they highlighted that Jovislash touched on real issues that women in this country are facing. Check out some of the reactions:

“This is powerfull I never new this was happening in South Africa I always thought it was the kind of thing that happens in India and Pakistan”

“This is more well put together than the other SA versions. I like the fact that you’re bringing awareness of the serious issues. Kudos to you”

“You have my attention. Here I was thinking this was about to be another parody video, but turned into it some real sh*t. Had no idea about this happening in South Africa. Thank you. Listening to you from Maryland, USA..”

His version of the song titled This Is South Africa touches on violence against women. It went on to become one of the 12 Amazing Global Remixes of Childish Gambino’s This Is America highlighted by the Billboard Magazine. Some of the more memorable and thoughtful remixes included This Is Nigeria by Falz as well as This is France by Zef. 

The article is available to read here.

Check out This Is South Africa below!


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