SA’s Latest Fashion Heroes Feature in “We Deserve Bettr” Video
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We Deserve Bettr, the latest trap hit by hip-hop artists Costa Titch and Dee Koala dropped late September and the high-energy music video is also a powerful look-book of the very latest in incubated trends emerging from the South African fashion underground.

Shot on location in Cape Town, the video brought together stylists, fashion designers and rebels from the creative economy to empower the track’s narrative.

“It was an amazing opportunity to have new stars like Costa Titch and Dee Koala wear my creations in a powerful story such as “We Deserve Bettr” – it definitely puts a spotlight on my brand as part of an edgy urban youth culture.”

– Mzukisi Mbane, Founder & Creative Director of Imprint ZA

“I liked the fact that the looks in the video went beyond the usual flashy hip-hop fashion. To also have a message about empowering the next generation and the creative industry to pursue their dreams and take their financial power back is also so significant at this time.”

In the video, Rasheed Ferguson, Director and Producer of ‘We Deserve Bettr’, was determined to engage with the culture by showcasing talented fashion brands and designers.

“Many of the designers and labels are breaking through. Deuce Online is drawing a cult following for their luxury tracksuits. Labels Malea Garments, like Cultish, Ts & Cs, Cuffed Boys Club, 16 Forces, House of Ascid, and FURRG ORIGINALS are at the forefront of contemporary multi-cultural South African urban fashion. So, their voices and creative expressions added to the high-value street credibility and culture captured in the video.”

– Rasheed Ferguson, Director and Producer of ‘We Deserve Bettr’

Certainly, the wardrobe functioned as a South African cultural cornerstone and, together with the track, is catalyzing trend, taste and culture makers of the creative economy to co-create a new way of making money to enable their lives and dreams.

“When we speak about creating a new culture of money at Bettr.app, we’re speaking about reimagining the very function of money, such as the ability to invest in creative capital. “We Deserve Bettr” is but one small way we are sharing this creative capital with the next big talent, and at the same time expanding the reach of the incredible, featured local designers.”

– Dinika Govender, Head of Marketing at Bettr.app.


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