Self Care: Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, Take It Easy
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These days, with so many social, political and economic issues to worry about its hard to feel like you have anything together. However, when push comes to shove, is life really all about being perfect all the time? By now we’re all familiar with the saying , “nobody’s perfect”, yet we still insist on trying to maintain this image of constantly having everything together. With that, we’re exploring some ways that you can be a little bit kinder to yourself, especially during the lockdown and quarantine period.

Image Source: Times of India

First up, let’s address neatness. For the most part being tidy and keeping our living areas as clean as possible can contribute to us feeling happier and better about ourselves. It’s that invigorating feeling we get of being organized that can boost our energy and lift our spirits. However, the very same pursuit for a neat and tidy space can also be the cause of some of our anxiety and stress. Yes, although it is unhealthy to live in an untidy environment, it is also equally unhealthy to be obsessive about keeping clean at all times. Cause let’s face it like life, not everything is going to go our way and so we need to practice developing healthy mechanisms in which to deal with such situations and circumstances. Therefore, be one with your mess and know that it’s okay.

Image Source: Times of India

Additionally, allow yourself to do whatever you want that you normally wouldn’t allow yourself to do. And if that means ordering in or colour blocking when it comes to your fashion and style, then so be it. Although it’s always good to do things in moderation, it’s also healthy to sometimes bend the rules and have a taste of what we love.

At the end of the day, lockdown has been a difficult time in which to adjust to a new way of living. As 24/7 home residents, it’s okay to accept and give yourself a break when things get a little bit messy. So lets embrace the mess.

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