Self Care: Getting Your Yay List and JOMO On During Lockdown
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There’s nothing better than having that reassuring note in the back of your mind that lets you know all is going well in life. Well, with a Yay List you can enjoy that surety and so much more. Now at this point you might be wondering what a Yay list is. To put it simple, it’s a quick and easy list that you compile at night that captures all the good things that happened to you throughout the day, hence the Yay! The entire point of the exercise is to refocus your energy and attention back onto the positive aspects of life instead of the negatives that many may find themselves engrossed in. Although there is nothing wrong with facing and dealing with your problems, it shouldn’t be all that you give your attention to. So if you’ve been finding yourself down in the dumps lately, try reflecting on all the good things that have happened to you to remind yourself that life isn’t all that doom and gloom.

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Next up we’re all about enjoying the Joy Of Missing Out (aka JOMO). Yep, believe it or not but there is a certain joy that comes with missing out on things sometimes. Not only will this self care exercise help score you some added extra time for yourself, but it will also help you reclaim your power as an effective decision maker. And it all boils down to simply saying those two magic letters “No”. however should you have trouble declining plans from people, try using the “I don’t” phrase, as in “I don’t go out on Sundays”, for example. By doing this, you make no room for discussion and debate allowing you to feel less guilty. And there you have it! Instant quality time for yourself to do whatever your heart desires.

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