Self Care: How to Maintain Your Beard During Winter
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With the cold winter months officially upon us, it has become that much more important to not only adjust your skin care routine but your beard care regimen as well. Although, your beard may be helping your cheeks to stay warm this season, there is no doubt it takes a whole lot of work to maintain a healthy beard in order to do so. So to help out the fellas with beards out there, we’ve prepared a list of care tips to assist in maintaining that beard.

Moisturize Your Face

The beard can be very deceiving when it comes to your facial skin health. Just because your cheeks are covered in hair, doesn’t mean that they don’t face the harshness of the piercing cold winter mornings as this type of weather can often have a drying effect on the skin. Therefore, it is critical that you ensure to also moisturize your skin under your beard to help maintain it. The healthier your skin is underneath, the longer and fuller you’ll be able to grow your beard.

The Beard Needs Moisture Too

On that note, don’t forget to show that beard itself some love. As one of your face’s first line of defence against the cold it is important to moisturize it with some mineral rich oils for extra protection. So bring out the beard oils! Although many don’t consider this product as an essential, the benefits that it offers certainly prove otherwise. Just a couple of drops applied to the beard after moisturizing the face can help repair damaged hair as well as soothe the skin.

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Ever heard the saying “let it go to let it grow”? Well this is the idea behind the care tip of trimming. If you want to grow a healthier and fuller beard, you need to make sure that you are regularly y trimming it in order to maintain how the beard eventually grows out. Think of it as creating a solid foundation for your beard to thrive.

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