Self Care: Making a Vision Board that Actually Works
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As we’ve been told before, vision boards are a great way to help manifest your dreams and desires. They not only provide you with a warm sense of inspiration but also with an exciting feel of hope for the future.

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However, sometimes they can also be a source of unnecessary added frustration and stress, especially if we don’t achieve those goals mentioned on our boards. This is why we’re going to take a second look at how to make a vision board that will actually work this time.

If your final conclusion after giving the manifestation exercise a go for a couple of months is, “this thing doesn’t really work!” you might want to consider looking at it differently. For the most part, half the battle is getting yourself into the right head space of being intentional about the goals you stick up on that board. If you don’t take it seriously, how do you expect things to fall into place without the right energy pushing you towards the direction you wish to go in? With that, make sure to consider the following tips for when trying to set up a vision board.

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Be Intentional

Being intentional about your goals will aid in making them feel more possible. A good starting point here would be to think of them as inevitable as this helps to reduce fear and anxiety that you might not be able to manifest all your dreams.

Familiarize with your Dream

With this tip, it’s all about doing the actions that will familiarize yourself with what you want to achieve. For example, if you’ve been looking to buy your dream home make sure to spend time driving around places with beautiful homes or going to view different houses. When you get to see, feel and touch your dream it almost makes it that much more obtainable.

Live in the Now

One of the most ineffective ways to go about approaching a vision board is worrying about the past of the future. By doing this you distract yourself from taking and using opportunities presented to you in the now. So make sure to always stay aware by being more present in your life.

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