Self Care: The Power of Writing and Journaling Your Emotions
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By now I’m sure most of you have heard about mental health and how important it is to look after and maintain what goes on up in there in that mind of yours. With all this information we are told it can sometimes cause anxiety in itself trying to figure out how to take care of your state of mind. You might end up asking yourself if you now need to be talking to a psychologist or psychiatrist. But it doesn’t even have to start there. This is where we look at the power of writing and journaling in caring for your mental health.

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A simple act such as putting pen to paper and writing about your emotions is more than a good enough place to start. At the end of the day, it’s all about normalizing the processes and ways we go about caring for our mental health. So if you feel psychologists are more for you, then, by all means, book your first appointment. But in this article, we’re looking at how you can start small and today because them psychologists don’t come cheap honey. Now let’s get into it.

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Before you get yourself in a pickle over how you’re going to start journaling or whether you’ll even be doing it right. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. This is your safe space to be imperfect and to release all your pent up emotions. Write about all those negative thoughts that come around every now and again. If you’re struggling, think of it as a self-interview and ask yourself a couple of questions. Here are a couple to get you started:

  1. How was your day, really? (Be more open and honest)
  2. What challenges did you face today? (challenges with people, job, school)
  3. How did these obstacles make you feel?
  4. How did you react to handling these challenges?
  5. Are you too hard on yourself and why, if yes?

The above questions are just a starting point to get the words flowing. Ultimately, with this exercise, you want to get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper to enable you to properly dissect them and through that better understand them. This will allow you to create coping mechanisms to better manage your anxieties and stresses.

Like with any exercise or fitness activity, you have to be consistent in order to see proper results. So, to ensure consistency, always try to keep your journal and pen close by. However, if you’re more of a tech person then keep a digital journal instead. Try to write every day. Don’t worry about the length of your entries or spelling as it’s about speaking what’s in your mind.

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