Self Care: The Time to Chase Your Dreams is Now
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So many times in life, we pass up the opportunity to achieve and reach our fullest potential. When watching from the sidelines for so long, you almost start to believe that success and greatness was only destined for those special outliers. You know, the ones who practice their craft for 10 000 hours as so popularly mentioned by famous author, Malcolm Gladwell. However, this is certainly questionable.

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For starters, it’s never too late to revive a dream and passion you once had. The fact that it still dwells and burns in your heart is reason enough for you to go chase after it. However, as we all know, talent alone will only get you so far as hard work is needed to polish and present the best possible version of that talent. That of course means, erasing all inner doubts and actually believing that you are talented in the first place. It all boils down to being intentional about the success you wish to achieve and moving mountains to get there. A person in this state mind wouldn’t let a few obstacles get them down and they especially would’t let the opinions of others get in the way either. However, of course this would be the ideal, as part of the journey to success is overcoming and growing through these tough experiences we might face.

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It’s important to silence the inner voice that tells you, “you can’t” or “you’re not good enough”. However, words without action are meaningless, so start small. Learn to celebrate and prove to yourself through the little victories that you indeed “can do it” and are perfectly capable. At this point, the only one holding you back is you. So let yourself shine.

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