Self Care: This is Why Cold Showers are All the Buzz Right Now
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If there’s one self care practice that’s been trending lately it’s the cold shower and today on Self Care we’re going to tell you why. So if the thought of taking an ice cold shower sends shivers down your spine, you might want to read further to find out how you could potentially work in a cold shower into your everyday self care routine.

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Besides the uncomfortable feeling of running ice cold water down your body, there are actually many benefits of opting for a cold shower instead of a warm one, especially in the mornings. For years, science has sworn by cold showers with studies proving it to reduce stress, relieve tension as well as provide increased senses of energy. This is why many popular health and wellness enthusiasts have been sharing this growing self care trend on their socials as it is a great way to start off your days. With that in mind let’s get into some of the benefits of taking cold showers.

Energy Boost

Not only does the surprise of feeling ice cold water in the morning awaken your senses, but it also energizes your body and mind in the process. In other words, it’s a great way to clear up that dazed feeling we often get in the early mornings as we ease into our daily routines.

Stress Reliever

According to athlete, Joel Runyon, by exposing your body to slightly extreme temperatures it can help build ‘positive stress’ which aids in relieving any built up mental tensions. The idea behind it is that positive stress techniques aid in developing tolerance so as to make everyday stresses one may face more manageable.

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Increased Alertness

As mentioned above, the feeling of taking cold showers helps in waking up both the mind and body thus increasing alertness. Additionally, as a result of increased energy levels and therefore, higher attention levels, one is also able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Reduces Anxiety

While you may think warm showers are great for lifting up one’s spirits, cold showers can also have the same effect as they are well known for activating the sympathetic nervous system which increases the production and release of endorphins.

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