Self Care: Tips on How to Take a Social Media Detox
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When life starts to get a little stressful and overwhelming sometimes, perhaps taking a social media detox just might be the answer. If you think about, as soon as you open that favourite app, you are instantly bombarded by posts upon posts of unending content that has been specifically curated for you to keep you glued to your screen for hours. Besides the negative effects that blue light has on your skin, the mental health impacts of constantly being on social media can be just as damaging. With that, here are some tips on how to take a social media detox.

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1. Delete Those Social Media Apps

I know, scary right!? But you can always re-download them, it’s not like your deleting your actual social media accounts. By deleting your apps you reduce that temptation of always wanting to check your phone for those notifications which is how these apps lure you in for hours. Instead now you will be able to use your free time to do other things like organizing, de-cluttering or even catching up on some much needed sleep.

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2. Get an Actual Alarm Clock

Speaking about sleep, it’s time that you get an actual alarm clock. You know, the one that won’t have you scrolling through your phone for hours and contributing to you getting a slow start to you day. With social media detoxing it’s all about changing those small habits and behaviors that eventually lead us to our screens.

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3. Find a New Hobby

Create good distractions by starting a new hobby, preferably one that requires lots of practice to be better like playing an instrument or sewing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how eager you will be to learn more about that hobby if only you give it a fair chance to interest you enough.

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