Self Care: Ways To Stand and Fight for #BlackLivesMatter
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As the protests continue to expand throughout the world and the voices in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement grows louder, we bring you more ways to stand even stronger with this fight against racism.

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Following the occurrence of many racial injustices at the hands of the police, there has been a rise in the number of donations to help support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The money not only goes towards supporting the families of the direct victims of racism, but also goes towards bailing out protesters of the movement. Below are just some of the many places where you can donate and show your support.

Collins Khosa Family Fundraiser

Nelson Mandela Foundation

Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund



On the other hand, there are always petitions that you can sign to make the #BlackLivesMatter voice that much louder in demanding for justice. Check them out below.

Justice for Collins Khosa

Justice for Petrus Miggels

Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Image Source: Black Lives Matter


Although difficult to maneuver due to the current ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, protesting is one of the main ways to really help the fight. However, in protesting, make sure to keep safe by remembering to always wear a face mask and gloves.

Social Media Solidarity

Social media, with its great and grand global influence allows users to get a variety of topics trending in the public media. So make sure to maintain the energy by liking, commenting, sharing and reposting more #BlackLivesMatter content.


Lastly, we have education which is one of the most helpful and important points on the list. To understand why, make sure to watch the video below.




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