Self Care: Why Not Learn A New Language During Quarantine?
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With South Africa famously known as the Rainbow Nation by being home to a diverse range of cultures, why not learn a different language? With 11 official languages to choose from, you can utilize the extra time gained during quarantine to enhance your skills as a multilingual speaker. Not only will you pick up a new skill but you will also help to improve your brain efficiency as the learning of new languages is known to enhance memory and sharpen decision making processes. So to help you out with that, here are a couple of apps to try. There’s even something for the kids to get them started from a young age.

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The app was created by Zimbabwean app developer who identified the need for more tools to assist in cultural preservation. With a great variety of options, the app offers languages from Shona to Zulu  to Xhosa and many more. Unfortunately the app is only available for download for Android. However, the next app is available for both iOS and Android.

Mzansi Kids

Through its fun and engaging approach to learning, Mzansi Kids offers children specifically between the ages of 2 – 6, the opportunity to a engage with a multitude of local languages from Sepedi to Setswana and more. As mentioned it is available for download on both iOS and Android.

Sotho Phrases Language Tutor

Then lastly we have the Sotho Phrases Language Tutor which was created at the University of Cape Town. It allows people to better practice the most commonly used phrases within the Sotho language. Similarly to Zivo, the app is also only available for Android.


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