The Sexy Business With Kosi Store
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We got to hang out with Lufuno Tshikosi, the founder of the Instagram boutique, Kosi Store, specialising in women’s wear, specifically the sexy items –lingerie.  Not only did we have a sexy shoot with beautiful models strutting her items, but we also got to sit down and have a chat about Lufuno Tshikosi, Kosi Stores the brand, and the business of fashion on Instagram.

“When I was doing photography in 2015 it was difficult to get things for models to wear,” Lufuno explains. She then started going out to get beautiful items her subjects could wear. It was then when she saw the niche in the lingerie wear line. “I got items just to shoot. But that’s when my clients started wanting them after they saw what they looked like. Then I was like okay, maybe I should just start selling them,” she adds.

Lufuno explains that her lingerie line is not only for the popular girl, but she focuses more on the everyday girl. She also depends on word of mouth, outside social media, to get her brand out there.

Not only is Lufuno an entrepreneur, she is also a law graduate currently in law school pursuing her masters in estate law. Beauty with brains. She juggles school work and her business. “My friends call me a grandma because I am very boring. I don’t like going out. I want to be home by 10”, says Lufuno. It is her dedication that she even left her photography duties to fulfill running her business and schooling full time.

As a young black female entrepreneur she has see some challenges while running her business. She has had people come to her wanting to invest in her business but she felt like all they wanted to do was to exploit her. “Because you are young, they will think you are stupid and naive and then they will come with their terms and conditions that will not benefit you at all,” Lufuno explains. She says that this has held her back in terms of growing her business. She now only depends on funding her business personally by going out to work then come back to invest the money into her business.

Lufuno also wants to assure her clients that she is not one of the Instagram scammers that have been doing rounds. “I always tell the client that I am not going to get sued for R200. I have a law degree and that will affect my career. So I am not about to risk that,” she says.  She also added that she ensures that the clients always get the product by constantly following up with the courier.

Lufuno hopes to branch into swimwear, women and men’s wear in the future. You can find her business on Instagram @Kosistores.


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