Sheba Feminine Aims to Improve Menstrual Health
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Young and bold business woman, Zizipho Ntobongwana aims to improve menstrual health for women everywhere with her very own line of biodegradable sanitary products which are sustainably produced from organic cotton.

Ntobongwana’s eco-friendly products ranging from pads to tampons and pantyliners are designed to be much gentler and more comfortable for women. At Sheba Feminine, they make it a point to raise awareness about the harmful materials such as fragrances and plastic contained in some commercial products as it is these factors that negatively impact menstrual health. With a vision and purpose to educate and inform, Sheba Feminine hopes to change the narrative when it comes to conversations about menstruation and female sexual health.

“I would love to see conversations surrounding reproductive and sexual health become less shameful, less taboo and less restricted. I would love for the education surrounding these topics to be more accessible. I would love to see more conscious consumerism and transparency in these spaces, from your menstrual care products to your feminine health products. I would like to see higher expectations placed on the companies producing such products, with an introduction of elements such as ingredient labels on our tampons and sanitary pads. Sheba is attempting to do this through our product range and social media platforms but also through our Pay for Pal’s Pads Programme.”

Zizipho Ntobongwana, CEO of Sheba Feminine

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