Skolopad Meditates Naked, Hopes To Leave Nudity In 2017
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Controversial socialite, Skolopad, real name Nonhlanhla Qwabe wants to leave her nudist ways behind with 2017 – and to do this, she has enlisted the help of fans on social media. Taking to her social media platforms, the Umzimba singer posted rather racy pictures of herself in her birthday suit as she “meditated on leaving nudity in 2017”.

In the pictures, Skolopad can be seen naked in a number of yoga positions. In one photo, she is in the seated meditation pose while the camera focuses on her bare back and exposed buttocks.

In another, we see the professional nurse confusing fans as she bends over while standing against an upright wall. “I can’t figure this photo out; How on earth did she get that angle; This is witchcraft, she’s standing on a vertical wall?” the singer’s followers lament on the puzzling image.

“I’ve been meditating about leaving nudity in 2017 but it seems my mind and soul don’t get this. I need something stronger. How about 50 000 likes on my account and I will leave it?”

captions the personality on the raunchy photos.

Reactions from tweeps were classic as they usually are in Twitterville.

There’s never a dull day in Mzansi guys. Do share your thoughts with us! Should Skolopad leave nudity behind with 2017 or nah?

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