Skwatta Kamp’s comeback without Infa confuses fans
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Skwatta Kamp makes a comeback and fans want Infa back!

On 9 March 2015, The South African music industry as well as hip hop fans woke up to terrible news as the legendary rap group, Skwatta Kamp member Flabba whose real name is Nkululeko Habedi, lost his life due to a horrific homicide. His absence left a lonesome gaping hole in the hearts of many supporters and his family.

Fast forward to three years later on 10 November 2018, the crew announce their new official single, Mama Akekho, leading up to their upcoming album release in 2019. Shugasmakx (Lebogang Mothibe), Nemza (Sello Mofokeng), Nish (Musawenkosi Molefe), Slikour (Siya Metane), Bozza (Nkosana Nkosi) and Relo Makhubo decided to make a strong comeback to the music industry which is stronger than ever before except there is one member missing and he is still alive, he goes by the name Sechaba Kgalala who is popularly known as Infa.

Skwatta Kamp fans are not happy with the fact that Kgala decided to quit, Infa visibly distanced himself from the Skwatta Kamp crew shortly after Flabba died by not being part of the tribute song the troop created for the fallen rapper as he was also not featured in the music video.

In early 2018, the group released, “There you go” a song dedicated to celebrate the life of their late member, they felt the need to reconnect and pay tribute to their fallen soldier ahead of working on any future music projects together.

The new single offering, Mama Akekho, takes the fans on a musical journey back to the iconic group’s originality and ability to steer their fun storytelling through music; and is definitely a throw forward to what their music lovers can expect from probably their most anticipated comeback album in 2019. The group’s return however sparked a debate on social media:

where’s Infa bathong?” tweeted @Sane217.

I asked myself that cos we know Flabba he passed away” seconded @RebeccaCindi.

Another twitter user who goes by the handle @mashoodoZ harshly further stated “Ain’t no infa in this s***…they can as well shelve it” and many more users shared the same sentiments.

Commenting on the issue, respected entrepreneur and fellow band member Slikour said:

I mean he left you know, for his own reasons, he says he outgrew it, we cool, we don’t have issues, I don’t know if he has issues with us

he adds.

Speaking to zkhiphani Infa does not understand why some people still expect him to be part of the troop,

this has been done a long time ago, I think it’s a matter of people not being clued up or there is no PR, I did an interview in 2014 when I left the group

He says.

When asked about his music career he said:

No I’m not working on anything, music is something that I will always do but it’s not a career for me anymore, it’s something that I do because I love music and I’m not interested in the industry anymore. I’ve outgrown it

He adds.

I’m cool with the guys I bump into them now and then at events but we were not hanging even when the group was still active, the only person I hung out with was Flabba

Infa concludes.

Skwatta Kamp released a statement indicating that the demands and requests for new music have been growing rapidly from fans and the group believes that now is the right time. They further state that they have always been in the forefront of telling stories that glides across the beat through their music and Skwtta Kamp plan to continue their legacy with their growing audience.

Mama Akekho is produced by Jayhbee and is available for download on all digital music platforms as well as mobile networks.

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