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Somizi Heats Up Mauritius

Somizi is taking a well deserved break, while the rest of us pheasants are back to reality, slaving away at our 9-5’s. While SomSom has not divulged info on where in the world he is exactly, many are taking guesses, citing exotic islands such as Thailand, Zanzibar, Mozambique and Mauritius.

The Metro FM presenter has taken to his Instagram account to flex his holiday escapades and is hellbent on keeping everything private, from the location, to who on earth he is dining with.

As if Mauritius wasn’t hot enough, SomGaga is heating up its beaches with his semi naked snaps, making everyone the envy of his body and intimate soirée. Don’t believe us? Here are some of his saucy images we loved the most.

Then in true dramatic Somizi style, he decided to recreate a video of his own Halle Berry 007 walk as he exited the ocean, except, his was in the form of splashes! Hilarious!

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 Whuuuu Shem! Somizi is a full package – a hottie, a comedian, a talented dancer, actor, Instagram airtime Moreki – you name it, he can do it.

Are you loving SomSom’s saucy vacation pics, cause we are? Let us know.

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