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Spotted: Burger King TENDERCRISP launch

At the end of June, BURGER KING® SA revealed the latest addition to its menu…The TENDERCRISP.

To celebrate its arrival, BURGER KING hosted a #FreshandFancy event at the Maponya Mall in Soweto where celebs such as Glen Lewis, Toll A$$ Mo, Mome, The Microwave Boys, Danine Naidoo and fans had the opportunity to enjoy a TENDERCRISP meal in between getting manicures, fresh cuts and a Virtual Reality demo from Samsung.

The TENDERCRISP® features a delicious whole chicken breast and fresh ingredients like lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise that can only be described as BURGER KING® fresh – for only R64.90.
With every bite you’ll experience it:
The TENDERCRISP® is pretty fancy.

Don’t believe us? Get your fancy self to your closest BURGER KING® restaurant and experience it yourself.

Danine Naidoo

Glen Lewis

Glen Lewis and Tiana Fataar

Microwave Boys (Larry, Sphaka and Sipho)

Mome with Tall Ass Mo

Mome gets her nails done at nail bar

Moyin and Nicole Bessick

Naya Ayla with a Friend

Toll Ass Mo getting fresh cut from Legends Barber


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