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SPOTTED KFC Soundbite listening session

KFC recently launched an exciting new music website experience platform called SoundBite, designed for up-and-coming local artists, unsigned or those signed to their own record labels.

Through SoundBite, KFC hopes to discover fresh South African talent and provide a powerful platform to seamlessly connect fans to artists and give artists exposure through the KFC brand.

So How Does SoundBite work?

Artists are invited to register on the website and upload their tracks onto the SoundBite platform. Music fans can access the platform and listen to 30 second SoundBites of their favourite tracks and have the power to control the charts through likes, shares and downloads to move the songs up and down the chart. To unlock a full track, users need a unique code which they get on a KFC till slip when they purchase a KFC Streetwise 2 or 3.

Please visit http://kfcSoundBite.com/ where you can create a profile, upload, listen, share and unlock undiscovered music. You can also create a playlist, view the weekly chart and share the tracks on social media. 

Some of the celebs spotted at the listening session include DJ Sliqe, Big Star Johnson, Priddy Ugly, Tamara Dey, Smash Afrika, 2 Lee Stark, and Khutso Theledi just to name a few.

Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly

DJ Sliqe

Event Host Slikour with The Hustle Rapper TTGO

Khutso Theledi

Tamara Dey

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