WATCH: Stilo Magolide Chats About The Importance Of Quality Visuals In Hip Hop
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Stilo Magolide is known for the work he puts into his fashion and music but he is also known for the quality visuals he stays dropping for all his music videos and even on his social media. We recently had a chat with him and he broke down why it is important to have quality visuals, especially as an artist.

He started off the video by boldly stating that as an artist, visuals are an important tool to get your message across. “For me I definitely think that visuals are the most important thing. Like, without the visuals I don’t think artists like myself would ever get the platform that we have today,” he expressed.

He also lamented the importance for photographers to document real life because of the way in which the media perceives rappers in an almost warped and superficial way; “there is so many more layers…”


He carried on and gave credit to Riky Rick for being the first artist to introduce photographers and videographers to his brand to document his life, “on the road, full time; he did that and changed the game forever and for everybody”, he says.

Stilo also mentioned how grateful he is to his own photographer, Young Stilo, who has been with him for a young minute now. “He’s incredible, you know, he’s a specimen of his own and he does his thing”, he says. 

Peep the rest of the clip below! 



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