Stilo Magolide Teases Music Video For ‘Yasho’
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The Boyzin Bucks crew member is back with another one! The rapper hailing from the 2190 has been teasing us with his new music video for his single ‘Yasho’. Stilo is well known for his lavish and ostentatious fashion sense and his videos are no different from that. With this music video, Stilo takes it back to the hood to show us the hood glamourous lifestyle which is a prominent theme in most of his visual work and music.

From what we’ve seen on his Instagram, the video features a glitchy, VHS treatment that is quite popular with our local rappers these days. The song itself is a very Kasi-Rap inspired sound that fuses the modern day 808 drum and a very low-key synthesized sound.


It is very apparent that Mr. Party is really about the Tropicana vibes of the sunny beaches. We are excited to see what Stilo has in store for us with this ‘Yasho’ music video, which debuts today on MTV Base during the ‘Spanking New’ segment at 16:00 CAT and again at 20:00 CAT. Be sure to catch this music video and let us know what you think of it in our comments section below.

You can listen and stream ‘Tropicana Jiiig’by Stilo Magolide here.

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