Kanye West fans encouraged to wear white
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The festive season is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself; however this shouldn’t come at a cost. In support of people being aware of their actions, Castle Lite and the SAB No Regret Friday initiative are calling all South African’s to ‘pledge’ their support against drinking and driving by wearing white T-shirts every Friday over the busy season from the 16th of November 2012 until the 1st of February 2013. Launched in July 2011, No Regret Friday is an SAB (South African Breweries) responsible drinking initiative, aimed at getting all South Africans to ‘Regret Nothing’ by consuming alcohol responsibly and rethinking their reckless attitude towards drinking and driving.

“Fridays have always been a day where South Africans have shown what they are passionate about, whether it was wearing their favourite soccer team’s jersey during the 2010 FIFA World Cup or raising money for a charity by dressing casual on a Friday,” remarks Andrea Quaye, Castle Lite’s General Manager. “This is yet another opportunity for us to make an impact by encouraging the public to think and act responsibly over this busy season.”

Castle Lite first introduced the concept of wearing white in support of No Regret Friday at their first instalment of the Feel the Beat of Sub-zero Experience featuring Drake last year December. “We believe that at its core music always has a purpose, and Hip Hop especially is known for being able to drive a message home. So when Hip Hop Heavyweight Drake performed at the Feel the Beat of Sub-zero Experience we invited all 4000 fans who attended the event to take a stand against drinking and driving and come dressed strictly in white in support of the No Regret Friday initiative; where we entered the World Book of Records for the most people dressed in white for a cause,” remarks Quaye. “With the second instalment of the Feel the Beat of Sub-zero Experience featuring Kanye West taking place next year on the 2nd of February 2013, we aim to support this initiative in a larger and more expansive way by owning Fridays leading up to the big event with Kanye West. Once again we will be making an impact at the event encouraging all 6000 fans to be dressed all in white to show solidarity for the cause.”

There is no doubt that through this remarkable initiative Fridays are bound to become more ‘ICE’ as South Africans will be dressing in ‘ICE’ white.

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