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Taxi haters



I was sitting next to two nasty women in a taxi the other day that are only black when it’s convenient for them. Now these two feeble excuses of human beings are rather interesting in their own pathetic ways, they are a definition of what I like to call “ghetto snobs” who are more commonly known in townships as fake coconuts. For those who may not know, a “coconut” in the kasi dictionary is a snob or somebody who thinks that they are generally better than others for various reasons. These ladies who are to a certain extent obese where the biggest haters I have ever seen, They were rude and kept on loudly repeating on how much they hate using public transport, In South Africa a great number of the population use a 14 seater taxi as a means of transportation which is not always by choice of course, well to be frank taxis are used by broke people who cannot afford to buy a car and there is nothing wrong with using a taxi and there is nothing to be ashamed.

What annoys the living ish out of me is people who act as if they are rich even though they are sitting in a four four masihlalisane seat next to you in a worn out old E20. I mean if you have money then why torment yourself by going through such a horrid ride instead of just driving yourself to work or getting a chaperone? So bitch please don’t act like you are royalty, in a taxi we are all equal therefore nobody should get treated any different. So these two fatties were complaining about people poking them when cash needed to be passed on to the driver, “don’t poke me, say sorry” she said in her irritating fake pretentious American accent, eh banna, gase mo states mo! You can’t talk to other people like that, if you do not want to be poked then don’t take a taxi. What I found interesting about this girl is that she was eating “ama kip kip” also known as the poverty snack.

Then her and her friend started trash talking their bosses, with nasty attitudes like that no wonder they are stuck in dead end low paying jobs, these types of girls are those who go on twitter and start rumours about their peers who have actually done something good with their lives. Instead of going to the gym and focus on getting their lives on track they would rather eat amaskomplas and trash talk people the whole day to feel better about their miserable lives, food is not your friend bitch. Maybe if you took more time on work and stop eating the whole day then you would start working and who knows maybe afford a car, there are a lot of kids starving in the country and wena you are busy stuffing your face with food and hating the whole day. Get off your invisible phony high horse and learn the beautiful spirit of ubuntu!


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1 Comment

  1. Thoks

    23/07/2012 at 16:51

    Well I fully agree with the writer,u find ppl like dat.Thinking they are mighty and u shud treat them like queens,hai they shud get over themselves

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