#TBT: Three Iconic 45BPM Tracks To Come From The Temporal Subgenre 
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Music preference is a very fickle thing and tends to change over time, in some instances circling back to its original apex. Genres such as Kwaito and Casablanca once reigned supreme across the land, but both found their premature demise and died out.
One of the House sub-genres soon to realize a similar fate is a slowed down tempo and bass-driven rhythms better know as Slow Jams or better yet Ama-45. We look at some of the most iconic tunes from this era of House Music, from DJ Ace to DJ Papi.

DJ Ace – Behind The Bars

Behind The Bars has to be one of the most quintessential 45pbm to have ever been released. Produced and composed by DJ Ace, this song was at the pinnacle of the 45bpm movement and one would argue that this is the song that resurfaced the genre since its earlier days in the 2000s.


This song is known largely by its obscure title ‘Bbyze’ is probably one of the most recognized 45 aka slow jam. A bass extravaganza that is also synonymous with bringing back the bass filling cabins in taxis across the country.

Dj Papi – Zolo

The song here is a personal favorite as it holds the most visceral memories. And coincidentally it almost sounds like a parody of NDZ (Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma) speech on marijuana

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