#TBT to The Phones Of Yesteryear
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Technology has played a massive role in our youth and if you are old as I am, you will agree that we the introduction of cellphones had us in awe and amazement.  With the launch of the new Nokia 3310 and the revival of one of the most loved phones on the planet on the horizon; we thought we should take a nostalgic look back at the phones of yesteryear.

Sony Ericsson Walkman

Before Sony bought out the “Ericsson” part of the company and became Company Sony Mobile Communications, they brought the Sony Ericsson Walkman series. This was such a great phone that functioned like a Walkman that had phone features. It came in funky colours and cool features like being able to play music while it’s off.


Believe it r not, this was one of the first phone from Blackberry and it was futuristic, even in its design. The design was a bit chunky back then but it was actually one of the first phones to come out with a colour screen. The company has since made a comeback since the death of BIS and the damage to the brand. 


Before Samsung was a big brand and the number one go-to brand for consumers, it had the E250. Back then but those who owned a Samsung cellphone were envied and held in high esteem.


Nokia was known as the most reliable and functional phones to most people. Remember the 3310 and the 3210 and how you could play the coolest games on these devices? I loved that you could change the face of the phone and put on different colours and designs. 


Remember the Motorola Razr V3? This phone was fresh and loved by all. The company recently dropped their new generation Moto phones and they are just as sleek as their predecessors.

All of these brands have re-branded themselves and re-launched new phones. Which phone did you have growing up? Hit us up and let us know.


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