Tech Tuesday: Meet SA’s First Virtual Influencer and Model, Kim Zulu
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She’s stylish, she’s trendy and like many, she’s an influencer model on the Gram, but the only difference is she’s computer generated. Meet Kim Zulu, South Africa’s very first Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) influencer to hit the local fashion scene.


Her beautiful dark skin and bald head are among the many unique features that set this trendsetter of an influencer apart from all the rest. In finding out more about Zulu’s style and aesthetic, her creator, Lebo Kambule shares that the creative team along with management:

“Really wanted to show that there is a lot of beauty in being dark skinned.”

Adding to this, Kambule says:

“We all follow the notion that lighter is brighter, which I think I want young teenage girls to never be misled by that notion. We live in a society where the colour of your skin ranks you, which is completely wrong, and I want to show young aspiring teenage girls that this should never be accepted. I truly believe that majority of Africa’s population is mainly darker skinned, and hopefully the colour of my skin will resonate with the majority demographic.”


In terms of her bald head, Kambule further adds that it is to:

“Illustrate that long hair is not necessarily a symbol of beauty. Women have the right to have short hair and embrace it as a beautiful statement.”


Kim’s timely arrival into the digital shifting space through virtual reality which was caused by the Corona Virus pandemic are just one of the many aspects that have helped thrust this young creative into the spotlight. Although she is now on lockdown like most of the world is, her conceptualization actually began six months ago. Since then, she has scored major feature deals with brands such as Kangol.

And judging by her growing Instagram follower count, Zulu has been warmly welcomed by South Africans and the world with her adding:

“I don’t think many actually realize that I’m a virtual human, but I think that’s the beauty of it all. It just shows that humans have the ability to genuinely adore any type of physical object, regardless of colour, shape or form.”


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