Tech Tuesday: Using Drones to Fight Against the Corona Virus
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If there’s one thing that has been very instrumental in fighting the battle against the Corona Virus it’s technology. Through the power of the internet and advanced tech innovations, it has been made possible not only to research and better understand the virus but to also fight against its spread. And one particular device that has aided in this regard is the drone.

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Specializing in the aid of search and rescue missions, drones have the ability to quickly and thoroughly scan across vast amounts of land in order to communicate more informed broadcast messages relating to a given topic. In the case of the pandemic, this can be helpful in communicating information about affected areas where the spread is high while also simultaneously, protecting health checking officials from potentially coming into close contact with the virus.

Image Source: Vital Record

Drones have also been particularly helpful in the delivery of medical supplies in areas lacking in medical health care resources as well as services. Although, the use of drones for delivery functions have not yet been commercialized on a mass market scale, the technology has been trialed and successfully tested as a contactless mode of product delivery.

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And lastly, drones have really been instrumental in the disinfecting of highly affected areas within cities. They are able to cover wider stretches of land and are therefore more effective in the disinfecting process. Additionally, drones can be used as efficient body temperature checkers, aiding in the early detection of the virus within citizens. So despite hope annoyingly loud they can be, drones are the future and will continue to evolve with time.

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