Tech Tuesday: Why Hauwei is Giving Apple A Run For It’s Money In South Africa!
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Lately, the smartphone scene in South Africa seems to be shifting. It feels like the more you look around, the more you see people carrying Hauwei products.

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Despite all the challenges that may have presented difficult obstacles for the company, Hauwei still managed to achieve impressive figures over the course 0f 2019. In the company’s first Developer Day event held in Cape Town late last year, Huawei’s consumer group VP for South Africa, Likun Zhao shared that the Chinese owned tech company has amassed a volume share of 29% for both the prepaid as well as contract devices within the country.

Further verifying this was Akhram Mohamed, Huawei CBG SA’s Chief Technology Officer who revealed that the company’s market share had increased from 9.2% to 18.9% within the country from 2017 to 2019.

Image Source: Mpumalanga Guardian. Likun Zhao.

“Huawei Mobile services now has more than 570 million monthly active users globally, including more than 15 million in Africa.”

Likun Zhao 


Despite Huawei losing sales momentum within South Africa, as a result, the US ban, Mohamed assured that it was only for three weeks that the ban seriously affected the company. With global sales reported to have increased by 24% between Q1 and Q4 2019, it is clear that the company isn’t doing such a bad job internationally too.

However, even with all the problems the company is facing with the US ban, Huawei will most definitely overcome them. This is because of one particular formula that the company has mastered and perfected over the years to bring them the success that has got them this far. And that is their well-balanced value equation. With Huawei, not only are customers getting high quality and advanced technology products but are also getting them at the right price too, which makes all the difference.

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Take the latest smartphone offerings from both Apple and Huawei, the iPhone 11  Pro and the Huawei P30 Pro.

Image Source: 123mobile

R25 999 for 256 GB



Image Source: Hi Online

R12 499 for 256 GB


With a difference of a little over R13 000.00, Huawei clearly dominates within the price department which is an integral part of the buying decision process of today’s South African consumer. Times are tough and if you can score a high-quality phone at a reasonable price then, why wouldn’t you opt for the Huawei.

However, not to discredit Apple. The US tech giant certainly delivers on quality through it’s advanced technology. The iPhone 11 pro promises exceptional photography, all-day battery, superior gaming experience as well as great AR performance with A13 Bionic. Apple certainly delivers on quality. However, the area that the US tech company struggles in lies within the pricing of their products. With more than a R13 000.00 difference between one of its competitor’s latest phones, it is clear that one is simply paying for the name and status that comes with owning an iPhone. And it is in exactly that space that South Africans are starting to willingly compromise on as the South African economy continues to demonstrate instability.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what matters most to the customer that it the deciding factor between which tech brand is best. It’s your choice, price or status?



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