Tech Tuesday: Your Ultimate Personal Safety Companion, Eyerus
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South Africa isn’t safe! Minister Bheki Cele recently shared Quarter One Crime Statistics 2021/2022 and the numbers are staggering. 6000 murders between April and June 2021, with 10 000 reported rapes in the same period. Contact crimes such as murder, attempted murder, sexual offences, and all categories of assault registered a 60,6% increase, compared to the previous year.

Eyerus might be the answer to give South Africans a handle on security and fast response help at your fingertips.

Eyerus is an internationally patented automated algorithm mobile app, designed to provide users with personal safety and security services in the palm of their hands. The app is a gateway to combat contact crime and provide social protection for all, especially women and members of the LGBTIQ+ community who are the most marginalized in South Africa.

Founded by Rob Bentele, winner of Survivor SA 2019, Eyerus is your ultimate personal safety companion:

“After winning Survivor, there was a lot of expectation for me to pursue a career in entertainment which was appealing but I’ve always been more about positive social change. I am solutions-driven and that’s just how my mind works. I was set on finding the solution to this scourge of gender-based violence and that is how Eyerus was born. Eyerus is an automated algorithm whose sole mandate is to keep you safe at all times. No person can promise to keep an eye on you 24/7, but a program can.”

– Eyerus CEO, Rob Bentele

Image Source: Zulu Land Observer

Eyerus enables you to indicate how safe or unsafe you feel in your current surroundings through the use of four safety status modes. The safety modes are GREEN ALERT MODE (safe and sound), AMBER ALERT MODE (Live Audio Stream), Red ALERT MODE (Live Video Streaming) and BLUE ALERT MODE (Armed Emergency personnel dispatched). All evidence captured is instantly stored on a secure cloud as well as live streamed to your guardians in real time. Using features like the check in system, Eyerus will automatically detect if you’ve been drugged, unconscious or incapacitated. You literally don’t have to do anything, Eyerus will handle the situation on your behalf.

Now more than ever South Africans are looking for a solution to the staggering contact crime numbers and Eyerus is just that. The app will be launching early next year.

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