Tech Updates: All You Need to Know About 5G in 2020
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They are already calling it the year of 5G as the fifth-generation wireless is set to take over the tech landscape as we know it. With South Africa’s mobile data only network, Rain, having recently launched the country’s first 5G network around September last year, it is vital to stay ahead of the game by knowing all the basics about the great, 5G.

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So here’s the rundown on all you need to know about 5G:

  • It is the latest version of wireless data standards that ensures to deliver approximately 10 times faster the internet speed and quality.
  • It consists of reduced latency times which enable 5G to be more responsive for activities that require immediate feedback such as self-driving cars.
  • It is expected that Android devices will adopt this new technology very soon. In fact tech companies such as Samsung, LG, as well as Huawei, have already released 5G equipped handsets as of last year.
  • Given Apple’s history of waiting for mainstream adoption, it is expected that the US-based tech company will only release a 5G iPhone possibly as soon as 2020 later on this year or 2021.
  • The technology is already available in South Africa.

When Rain announced the launch of 5G, it changed the way many South African viewed the internet. Not only were customers going to get ultra fast internet but they were going to get it at affordable prices.

“Rain, the data-only mobile operator, said selected existing customers have been invited to use the new ultra fast network with unlimited internet access for R1000 per month.”

Business Insider

Now comparing R1000 p/m for 5G (200 Mbps) with:

  • 40 Mbps fibre line with Telkom at R1199 p/m
  • 50 Mbps fibre line with Afrihost at R1067 p/m

It is clear that you’ll be getting true value for money over at Rain. Although network giants such as Vodacom and MTN have confined the possibility of launching 5G locally in 2019, radio frequency restriction still remains a tough obstacle.


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