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Tellaman didn’t think Mayo would BLOW


Currently resonating with hip hop music lovers on the streets, in clubs and on the airwaves, it’s not surprising that DJ Speedsta’s hip hop smash, Mayo is now officially of the biggest urban songss to come out of South Africa in 2016. Speedsta decided to take a chance and decided to work with a relatively unknown cast of rappers and vocalists, namely;  Yung Swiss, Tellaman, Shane Eagle and Frank Casino. We bumped into Tellaman at Maftown Heights and he says that he didn’t expect the song blow up as much as it has, he delivers a very dope verse on the track which goes like:

Uh, yeah you know the boy is mellow
With them words like Paulo Coelho
I see they tryna play me like a cello
But it’s cool watch me switch up the tempo
I’m talking money and power
The only thing that I’m after
Man, my life used to be sour
Look how we came all the way up
I ain’t got time for no favours
If you owe me better pay up
I’m addicted to the paper
Yeah! I don’t dab I do the ‘Diba dance jita (Oh nah)
Better understand, all these haters don’t stand a chance
I’m gon’ take this all the way to France

“For me it was just a cool song man I didn’t think it was gonna be this big man

He says.

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