Thato Rampedi Chats Topo Chico Collabo & Becoming A YouTuber
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Thato Rampedi chats perfect contradiction between what he studied & being a Youtuber

YouTuber, Thato Rampedi takes us through the journey of how he became a full-time content creator. He also touches on his collaboration with Topo Chico. He chats to us more about he was able to create a balance between being a qualified engineer and a digital content creator.

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The perfect contradiction means marrying two things that are seemingly in conflict- together. This process creates something fresh, unique and new. Thato Rampedi found this perfect contradiction in the balance between being an engineer versus being a content creator.

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We visited Thato’s studio for the Topo Chico #PerfectContradiction campaign. Thato spoke to us about what it meant for him to use his education as an engineer within his work as a full-time content creator.  

“My whole I was destined to become like, this engineer. I was meant to become a mechanical engineer and then switched to computer engineering and then I switched to industrial engineering. While I was doing engineering, I wasn’t really satisfied. I eventually bumped into content creation. With content creation I got happy and I was ticking all my boxes but at the same time, I knew the importance of doing my career”, he explains. 

Thato also reveals to us what how his collaboration with Topo Chico makes sense. 

“Topo Chico is new, It’s different, it’s fresh, it’s refreshing and I feel like I’m the same way. At the beginning of my YouTube career I was really pushing to get my name out there and to get people to understand my passion. My type of content. With Topo Chico, I feel like I can help them to do that,” he explains. 

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