The Berequeen series by Jerri Mokgofe!
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Have you seen The Berequeen series by Jerri Mokgofe? In light of Heritage day which was on the 24th of September, I decided to share some of Jerri’s work which showcases some of our well known celebrities and bloggers wearing beautiful African clothing and accessories. Jerri Mokgofe is a South African fashion stylist, publicist and blogger who is best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, modelling agencies, advertising agencies and magazine editors. He is also known for his beautiful photography and “The Berequeen series” is definitely one of our favorite pieces of work from him.


He worked with Thembi Seete, Terry Pheto, Fezokuhle and Melody Molale to create a depiction of  a beautiful African woman. They are adorned in African print head wraps and colorful accessories. The pictures speak for themselves.





There were times when black women were not allowed to feature on Magazines because we were not perceived as being beautiful enough, Today we are being celebrated around the world for our beauty and its truly refreshing to see.

Pictures: Jerri Mokgofe (@accordingtojerri)

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