The Best Amapiano Dance Moves Out Right Now
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The best amapiano move to get you geared up for the festive dance floors.

It is hard and nearly impossible to stand still and dance when an Amapiano song gets played. So we want to help you stay in the loop with the latest and to not look award when you on the dance floor. Understand that it’s not always about overexerting your self sometimes the simple movement makes to most difference.

First dance move you should jump on to make you look cool without breaking a sweat is the Cologne Dance.

Cologne Dance


The movements are not complicated and all you need is just a legit use of your imagination. All you do is mimic the process of dressing yourself in cologne. From spraying it on your wrists to spraying it on your neck. To sell this dance move you will also need to add a couple of gestures to will elevate the move and give it a story, like smelling the cologne before you spray it or read the imaginary bottle. But the key to pulling this dance is the facial expression you use when performing the dance.

Dancing With A Bottle


Dance with a bottle is more of a sport than dance as it requires full attention and practice and is not for the novice.  But when executed perfectly you will look cooler than a anyone in the room or on that dance floor. First, you need to have a bottle and a firm grip but most importantly you will need a hand to eye coordination. This is due to the fact that you will be tossing and catching the bottle often with the opposite hand than you tossed it with. When performing this dance you will need to move around as it will look weird just tossing and catching bottle around.

Baleka, Gijima

Baleka, Gijima is a simple dance move that is often used as an introduction dance move just like saying “Hey I can dance, look at me!”. At it’s simplest form, Baleka, Gijima is just a wedding dance set with a lot of flairs baked into it to make it look cool. The keyword here is flair, have flair will make any dance move look ten times greater than if done without it.

Dlala Ngama SHi SHi

For those with flexible waists, this move will shutdown any dance floor and have everyone cheering yohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa2i9kZS4l8u on. The “dlala ngama shi shi” dance usually starts with guiding you steps forward or backwards with hand gestures. Immediately after that movement places your hands your waist and gyrate it side to side while using knees for the up and down movement. A simple dance move but is incredibly easy to mess up.

Here is a dance compilation for additional references.

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