The City Becomes A Canvas With International Public Arts Festival
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Baz-Art commissions, preserves, interprets and promotes public art of any style and form.   

Educating present and future generations, promoting dialogue and collaboration and empowering individuals and communities through public art is the aim of the 2020 International Public Arts Festival (IPAF). IPAF will take place in Salt River, Cape Town from the 8th -16th February 2020. 

There will also be guided street art tours, audio tours and workshops. You will be able to see local and international artists in action as they produce their works and collaborate with each other as well as with members of the local community. 

Baz-Art, is a non-profit organisation that aims to engage, empower and uplift street artists and transform their communities. Baz-Art partners with numerous organisations, including the neighbourhoods they work in, to establish a learning and creative environment for artists. Baz-Art commissions, preserves, interprets and promotes public art of any style and form. This includes street art, public art, graffiti, fine art, finger painting and many other forms of artistic expression in South Africa. 



As a continuum to the dialogue of the previous festival “Generation Next: Educate, Collaborate & Empower”, BAZ-ART has dedicated the theme for the IPAF 2020 to “Digitalisation”. We live in very exciting times. Where digitalisation, data and algorithms has transformed our lives.  

Algorithms are said to be the single most important concept in the world today. 

Nearly every aspect of our day to day lives has been made easier through the existence of digital applications and digital maneuvering of data. 

The more and more online applications we use- the more data we feed the system, the better it becomes at making decisions on our behalf. 

The digitalisation of data on a single server- the internet- unlocks the value of that data as it allows for data from across the world to be accessed at the same time- where search engines and other industry professionals that have access to this data may make better decisions in their respective context. 

A call to action 

IPAF has extended an open call to artists based in South Africa and the rest of the continent to participate in creating public art murals for the 2020 festival. 

The artworks must be:  

  • Explorative as they explore and integrate in unusual spaces, create accidental encounters and pose small art gestures 
  • Visible and public-friendly 
  • Collaborative in how they foster dialogue within the community, public discussion and positive development 
  • Interdisciplinary by, ideally, incorporating digital and multimedia forms – from murals to projection, virtual reality experiences 

Applications must include:  

  • Name, country of origin, phone number, email 
  • A biography and visual portfolio of your work (a minimum of five pictures). Bio to include: Personal background, experience and previous achievements, your motivation to participate 
  • Profile picture 
  • Sketch for proposed work 
  • Copy of ID/passport 
  • Social media links/website 

The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2019, and all submissions must be sent to melissa@baz-art.co.za 

For more information, go to https://baz-art.co.za/. 

We will never share your email with anyone else.