The Lalela Scarf: Luxury Fashion Brand that Cares
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Driven by the notion of fashion with a purpose, The Lalela Scarf is an international luxury fashion brand that works to support Lalela, a non-profit programme aiming to teach and educate at risk youth individuals in Africa. With a focus on arts education, the programme helps to improve the lives of students by increasing their academic, social, economic and mental states.

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In order to authentically capture the real emotions behind the philanthropy driven brand, The Lalela Scarf utilizes the original artworks of the Lalela Students within the scarf. These designs are then adapted by New York based creative director, Sandy Tabatznik who curates each seasonal scarf collection.

The brand’s most recent collection was recently showcased at the FNB Art Joburg in South Africa and has also been featured in a popular campaign produced and created by high acclaimed team of creatives such as international photographer, Higor Bastos, fashion diercto, Bev Nates and modelled by South Afric’a very own Boss Models.

“I am deeply humbled by the impact our fashion items are having on our customers – the feedback form the market is phenomenal!”

-Sandy Tabatznik

Indeed the meaningful engagement from customers has really enabled to power and propel the success of The Lalela Scarf. It is the deep connected feeling that customers feel as soon as they purchase a scarf containing beautiful hidden meanings that creates a more engaged and invested audience. If you would like to become part of this  tight knit family of youth supporters then you can purchase products from The Lalela Scarf at selected retail outlets in South Africa or simply shop the merchandise online at www.thelalelascarf.co.za/www.thelalelascarf.org as all proceeds go towards Lalela.

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