The Radar: Audio Maestro A Deep House Producer With A Lot To Offer
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Meet Justin Nkuna aka, Audio Maestro, a Deep House cat with a lot to offer.

Soundcloud might seem like that dark, dusty, old attic where forgotten goods are stored and left to collect dust. But if you ever take the time to sift through the clutter you will be surprised by the gems that you will find. Audio Maestro is one of those undiscovered gems found amongst the hip of dusty old records on Soundcloud this past week.

Like most undiscovered Soundcloud artists, in terms of information on him, there isn’t much to go on. His Soundcloud profile reads “Audio Maestro Nelspruit, South Africa and” on Facebook under the about section, it reads “I’m a Deep House fanatic”.  He seems like an individual that has little to no words to describe himself but leaves it to the music to talk on his behalf. And this is the same reason why we think he deserves to be heard.

Far Away – Audio Maestro

Audio Maestro catalog on Soundcloud is no more than eleven-track long, excluding the three-track EP that he dropped late last year titled ‘Far Away’. A little slice of Heaven that can be found on the more mainstream landscape of streaming services such as Spotify and Itunes. Far away is a three-track EP that offers bliss in little under 20 minutes that takes you on a short trip to the ’80s in Chicago the birthplace of House. A collection of synth notes and distorted keys line up the EP and the EP carries a discrete vibe about in. As it does not seem to overdo any key, synth and percussions used and house Music is notorious for having build up and breakdowns in the track. But hear you’re riding a constant wave to where ever your mind is taking you.

Check out Audio Maestros’ Soundcloud library and add tracks that no one else has to your playlist.

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