#TheRadar: Meet Amapiano’s Newest Vocal Powerhouse Aymos Shili
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It is often said that there is no such thing as an overnight success, Aymos Shili may know a thing or two about this. From struggling to becoming one of the voices to look out for in South African Dance music, Aymos has shaped his narrative and we are absolutely here for it.

It was apparent from his contribution to Mas Musiq’s Zaka that Aymos is about telling the true Kasi story from his perspective. This was his calling card that showcased his penmanship and dynamic vocal range. A song that spoke on the importance of money and how everyone wakes up every morning to make a living.

Even though Zaka is an essential song to Aymos’ wide recognition, Ongowami is the song that started things off for him. Much like many of Aymos Shili’s music, this was a collaborative record alongside Gift SA, Theology, and Senzo Skyboy and it could be considered his first attempt at Amapiano.


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The transition from his usual contemporary sound to Amapiano was a step out of his comfort zone. Without any surprise, he sounded splendid and merged his Afro-Pop finesse to the jaggedness of Amapiano seamlessly. It could be said that Ongowami was the song that got him noticed by the likes of DJ Maphorisa and Mas Musiq, which saw him working with them a month later after his drop.

The feature with Mas Musiq influenced a string of other features such as Uvalo, Bathethelele, and the crowd favorite eMcimbini, from Scorpion Kings Live. What a start for the new kid on the block and we predict a fruitful year ahead.

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