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Thembi celebrates first mothers day at 41!



The legendary South African artist from Boom Shaka, Thembi Seete, is feeling grateful for being a mother as she recently gave birth to her first child at the age of 41. Thembi has been very private about her pregnancy and has opened up to the world about her motherhood journey for the very first time during mother’s day yesterday.

Seete wrote a powerful and heartfelt message on instagram,

My First Mother’s Day I Approach this day with so much gratitude. I’m still in awe that God trusted me to carry & take care of his masterpiece. Honestly, there couldn’t have been a better time for God to grant me the most precious gift of my life. #Dakalo you were worth the wait.

Says Thembi.

God truly was and he continues to be in control. When anything comes at the right time,God ensures we are ready and PRESENT.  I had to be present enough to live in every moment with you. From carrying you for 9 months to giving birth and watching you grow into your own person & learning who God has created you to be on a daily basis.

She continues…

I’ve learned that, there are delicate blessings planted in every moment and as a mother you cannot afford to miss such precious moments.  This is truly the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.

She concludes.

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Celebrity News

AKA’s YouTube Views Removed



What happened to AKA’s YouTube Views?!

First of all, AKA is undoubtedly the biggest SA Artist of the modern generation. He has the numbers to make a lot of rappers green with envy. Just as we approach the release of his forthcoming and possibly his last musical project, Touch My Blood, a mysterious thing happens. We are aware of the weird and miraculous things that happen on the net, however, this is very unheard of for us.

It seems like AKA’s YouTube Channel was tampered with. From what we gather, the videos on his channel has been deleted and uploaded yesterday. This resulted in the millions of views on each other videos removed have been wiped away. The Supa Mega took no time to jump on his Twitter and Instagram to express his frustrations.

In his tweets, AKA sent a cryptic message that had us wondering if he knew who is behind this. The tone of his tweets is disappointed if anything… as expected. The severity of YouTube views is colossal in the modern industry. As a result, his YouTube revenue may be cut. YouTube pays the publisher for advertising space once the video has reached a certain number of views. This might not be possible for AKA and Beam Group anymore.

Most noteworthy is the fact that only certain videos have been tampered with. ‘Composure’, ‘Sim Dope’ and ‘All Eyes On Me’ are some of the videos that have been removed and uploaded. This raises more questions. Stay tuned for more on this developing story. For now, check out AKA’s tweets and see what the Supa Mega has to say.

Let us know what you think about this situation. What do you think is going on? Drop a comment in the section below! Follow us at @Zkhiphani on Twitter to join the conversation

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