#TheRadar: Have You Met Cape Town Hip Hop Group, Thee Leaks?
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Thee Leaks bring through a modified and contemporary Trap sound on new single, No Pressure

Cape Town is the gift that keeps on giving lately when it comes to talent. This week on our radar is Hip Hop Group Thee Leaks who recently released No Pressure.

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Thee Leaks are a prolific hip-hop group from the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. They bring to the game of hip-hop an unmatched and unsurpassed sound and style that will change the direction of hip-hop on the continent and worldwide. Their only sole mandate is to take up their rightful place at the pinnacle of the Hip-Hop game.

The group comprises of Gravity with soulful lyrical lacings. Beezow, runs as the second gunner with deeply encrypted flows. Producer M Lloyd holds the rear, pulling all the creative elements of the trio together. Thee Leaks can best be described as an AR15, shooting lyrical flows without ever running empty in the chamber.

The song No Pressure was inspired by growing up in a context with multiple challenges that can easily result in a loss of motivation or having a sense of giving up.

Despite the extensive sets of challenges we faced, it always felt important to continue to find a way through in whatever it was we were doing. I guess being young we carried the idea of facing our challenges with No Pressure. If we thought of it any other way then that sense of hopelessness sets in”.

No Pressure is available to stream and purchase on all major digital stores. 

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