#TheRadar: HyperSoul X Carrying Tribal House Into The New Age
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Tribal music is not dead and Hypersoul X is here to prove that. There are still a few artists keeping the dream of the brute African drums, chants, and lively ominous sounds of the African landscapes.

Keeping the tribal flame lit is HyperSoul X from Lebowakgomo, Limpopo. Real name, Mahlogonolo Dinake, popularly known as Hypersoul X takes pride in producing the Afrocentric sounds of Afro House. A derivative of tribal house music made popular by the likes of Da Capo, Culoe de Song, and many others before him. HyperSoul X started his music career at the tender age of 13 and is also one half of a duo known as Kryptonic Souls.

His approach to Afro House is certainly discerning to Tribal music and keeps a lot of those elements that we would normally associate with the sound. His sound has subtle undertones of many influences but still maintains the core sound of Afro Tribalism.

Shooting Star – HyperSoul X & Ma B Feat Sabrina

His music is also very contemporary and does not dwell in the past. He takes cues from the like of Shimza, Lemon and Herb, who are very versed in the art of fusing live percussions and electronic instrumentation. This is most evident in the song “Light Up” that he performs alongside Lilly Randa.

HyperSoul X & Lilly Randa – Light Up

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