THESE Beauty Ideas Will Help You Through All Seasons
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Beauty Corner: Tips you need to try out this year.

Women are easily inspired to try out different looks to enhance their beautiful features, and with social media playing a part in this, its relatively easy for makeup artists to share a thing or two about beauty tips.

If you want us to help you slay like a pro, see this:

The Classic Red Lip.

Whether you prefer to wear your lippie matte or gloss, this iconic look is a winner for many women. A bold choice of red lipstick is flattering and takes years off one’s age. It instantly updates your look with just one application, The best part about a red lip is the variety of options it gives as you can wear it on a fresh clean or a beat face.

Quick tip: There will always be a shade that suits your complexion.

Simple Day Look.

We have to admit that a lot of ladies usually get this wrong. This happens especially when one tends to copy a certain look from a professional makeup artist. A simple day look can easily be mastered, all you need is daily essentials like a good foundation, mascara, pressed powder, neutral lipstick or lip-gloss and a little practice.  

See how Kamo Modisakeng looks? She is effortlessly gorgeous!

Quick tip: You can use lashes for a bit of volume and edginess.

Semi dark eye shadow and rosy lips.

A sweet combination of rosy lips and eye shadow usually refreshes and neutralizes the entire image. Just like actress Jessica Nkosi, this look can be easily worn from day to night with no work put in. All you will pretty much need is a translucent loose powder for touching up.

Quick tip: Don’t leave the house without making sure that your makeup matches your skin tone.

Do these tips give you the confidence to try new things?

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