THIS is why we NEED a collabo track from these ladies
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The house music scene needs more female collabos.

House music has always spoken to the masses without words nor vocals. But whenever singing is involved in any house track the results tend to be clean and pristine. Over the years the industry has introduced us to a countless sum of vocalists, the likes of Monique Bingham, Portia Monique, Miss P, Nthabiseng, Mpumi and the list goes on.

These ladies have helped shape the landscape by softening it up with their feminine touch. We have had a variety of producers featuring other producers but we hardly find two vocalists collaborating on a single track.

The two vocalists that come to mind are most probably the most sought after songstresses in the country today and that is undoubtedly Simmy, real name Simphiwe Nhlangulela and Msaki, real name Asanda Lusaseni-Mvana.

So, why Simmy and Msaki?

Simmy and Msaki are both singers/songwriters who both have the ability to produce as well as compose music. So it is not as far fetched to assume that if these two talented heavyweights were to be put in the same studio together, sparks would fly.

Vocally the two can not be compared as they both bring in different elements to the table with a distinguished feel. On one hand, you have Msaki whose voice can put one into a trance as her lyrical content can take you on a spiritual journey. On the other hand, you have Simmy who happens to be sweet and charming, her vocals have a mesmerising vibe that would add another level to the track.

House music needs an organic female ensemble to elevate and to diversify its self. Having a fully female produced sound will give us a taste of something different and might just take the South African house music to the highest level.

Do you think Simmy and Msaki would make a good duo?

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