This Just In: Prince Kaybee To Drop New Heat This Winter
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Remember some time ago when Prince Kaybee and DJ Euphonic were tangled in a conversation about how commercial media platform should compensate up and coming DJ’s for their time in the mixing DJ booth.

Twitter has been a vessel for conversation and sharing of thoughts and in some cases a breeding ground to exposes differences in thought. Yesterday we saw witnessed a conversation between Prince Kaybee and DJ Euphonic who now goes by his real name Themba.

The conversation at hand was sparked by a tweet Prince Kaybee posted that read;

Stop doing those live Dj sets on TV for Free!!

A loaded tweet that almost instantly caught the eyes of Euphonic who didn’t

waste time replying to the tweet;

“Prince with respect 🙏🏾 You’re the same guy who took part for FREE in a 13 week tv competition for DJs. You are way too popular and influential to not help other people grow. Why must they not do it? What lessons can you teach besides a loose comment? Angilwi 🙏🏾 teach us.”

Which sparked a back and forth between the two renowned DJs. And some of the points that were shared were valid and tweeted supported the prince Kaybee on them. For instance, Prince Kaybee’s argument is that, Even as an upcoming DJ, platforms that give if the budget is there for compensation, let them be compensated for the time and service.

The introduction to his reply was a hit with most of his fans on social media that now he is making a song titled after it. The song is scheduled to drop as soon as next week and prince kaybee has dropped a snippet to the create the hype.

Check snippet

The track feature a new talent on the scene but for those who are avid amapiano listen might be familiar with, Sir Trill SA. You might recognize him from his contribution to Mdoovar’s project Uyalazipiano.

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